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Thanks to all the Covid19 fighters। Google Doodle digitaladvice

11/05/2020 by Dewan Nahin with 0 comments

Thanks to all the Covid19 fighters | Google Doodle

Google gives Thanks to all the Covid19 fighters

Thanks to all the Covid19 fighters. Google has given a gift of love and gratitude to all those doctors, nurses, and health workers who are working day and night in the epidemic and are trying to cure the patients. With Doodle Heart Emoji. In this way, salute to all the staff of the medical service who are awake like vigilant guards in the misfortune of the country. Because these people are devoted to the religion of service.

but they are not thinking about their own doubts even for once.

Google thanked the country’s doctors, nurses, and health workers in Monday’s doodle. Also clicking on the link at the bottom of the search bar will open a video. There is a video on YouTube thanking all the doctors, nurses, and health workers.

Many Doctors and Nurses have already been affected.

By the Coronavirus when they give treatment to them. Therefore, Google launches the doodle for thanking the Corona Fighters.

All have been imprisoned for coronavirus outbreaks.

Many Doctors, Nurses, health workers, voluntary are reported by Google Doodle.

Despite their selfless work, many health care workers have faced torture and social harassment for being carriers of the virus. At that time, Google is increasing the morale of doctors and medical staff by making multiple doodles. In the new doodle, Google praised and respected them on behalf of human society.

Google said, “As this coronavirus affects the local and global human community, people are coming forward to help each other more than ever. We are therefore launching a doodle series to recognize, know, and respect. Thanks to all the Covid19 fighters  the new ray of those who are saving our lives.” The series will honor physicians, scientists, teachers, social workers. And all of the people who provide essential goods and services.

If you want to know the current situation of COVID19 then click here COV19-Update

Last but not least We, like Google, respect you who fought in the front lines in the days of Corona.

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