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knowledge of Encryption

12/15/2021 by Tuhina Muna with 0 comments

Primary knowledge of Encryption (part 2)

Encryption( Continue reading after part 1)

After entering a website, a padlock icon appears in the URL bar, followed by HTTPS://, S, indicating that the website employs encryption technology. This implies that neither the information you receive from this site nor the information you send to this site will be visible to anybody else. That information will not be obtained by Internet service providers.

Importance of Encryption

Encryption is a very important issue in the world of the internet.

Internet privacy

Personal information is not visible to anybody other than the intended person/device due to encryption. Encryption technology provides the highest level of protection. However, you must verify this for yourself. The first requirement for online privacy is that emails be sent over an encrypted connection. The encryption settings in almost every email client are different. If you check your email using a web browser, it is your obligation to ensure that the website you visited has SSL encryption after you leave.

Hacking a business

Cybercrime, driven by multiple international organizations, has now become a global business. Large-scale data leaks are caused in many cases due to the ineffectiveness of this encryption technology.

Law enforcement

It is the duty of the citizens of the state to comply with the rules and standards of law by using encryption. It is also used for the purpose of data security of customers.

Difficulty of encryption

Encryption, while intended to secure our data, can also be used against us if wanted. Cybercriminals encrypt equipment and demand payment – a ransomware phenomenon that isn’t new. This ransomware has the ability to affect not only people but also businesses. Ransomware assaults are also common on specific systems. Attackers try to encrypt various types of devices, including computers and servers, by inserting ransomware into the system.

Occasionally there is a demand for ransomware before providing encrypted data encryption keys. By injecting ransomware into the system, attackers attempt to encrypt numerous types of devices, including computers and servers. Before delivering encrypted data encryption keys, there is occasionally demand for ransomware.