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knowledge of Encryption

12/13/2021 by Tuhina Muna with 0 comments

Primary knowledge of Encryption (part 1)


The term “encryption” refers to a particular kind of technology. Data transferred, received, or stored using the device of your choice can be protected by encryption. Everything from text messages to banking information on the phone can be protected with encryption technology.

What is Encryption?

The process of converting a file to a format that can only be viewed with secret code or decryption keys is known as encryption. It ensures the safety of critical data. Personal information about users is maintained on a variety of websites and servers. And this information isn’t saved in plain text, but rather in a pattern that can only be accessed with decryption keys.

To put it another way, encryption is a component of ensuring the security of many types of data, both online and offline. The information is encrypted and converted into dispersed data that cannot be retrieved just by looking at it. However, by utilizing a specific “decryption key,” it is possible to return the encrypted data to its original state. “Decryption” is the inverse of encryption.

How it works?

Encryption is the act of converting readable text, such as email or text messages, into an unreadable format known as “cipher text.” Encryption is a technique for safeguarding the privacy of digital data saved on a computer or sent or stored over the Internet.

When an encrypted message reaches the intended recipient, it returns to normal. To unlock this message, both the sender and the receiver have a secret encryption key that works automatically.

Different types of Encryption:

Data encryption standard

DES, or Data Encryption Standard, is a basic encryption standard. It was created by IBM in the 1980s. The conveyance of sensitive data has been weakened by technological advancements and hardware depreciation. It’s a 56-bit encryption system.


RSA is an encryption system based on the first letter of the name of three computer scientists (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), which uses powerful and popular encryption. It is widely used for secure data exchange.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

The Advanced Encryption Standard, or ES, was initially announced in 1997 and is an encryption technology utilized by the US government. It is widely used all around the world.


By encrypting data, most websites give “Secure Sockets Layer” or SSL protection. This safeguards the website from data leaks while in transit.


Tufish is one of the quickest encryption algorithms available, and in many circumstances it outperforms the competition. Anyone can use it for free software and hardware because it is open source.