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Microsoft replacing the control panel update, digitaladvice.com.bd

11/08/2020 by Dewan Nahin with 0 comments

Microsoft replacing the control panel update

Welcome to Microsoft’s Settings app

Everyone is conventional with Microsoft’s Windows Control Panel. Moreover, This Control Panel is quite neighborly to users. Recently They announced-That they are replacing the control panel with the Windows 10 Settings app. To make the UI of, Windows 10 more touch-friendly. That’s why Microsoft replacing the control panel update.

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Why This Replacing of Control Panel?

It is decided to replace the control panel with the Settings application. Windows 10’s UI is more touch-friendly. For this, the Company makes the decision-

To replace the control panel with the Settings application. It’s a great decision to make their OS UI more user-friendly. Yet the control panel is always friendly for shaking each window user’s PCs.  Sadly, Windows 10 control panel settings have pushed users directly to the Settings app.

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windows10-control panel digital advice

Settings App replacing the control panel

Recently, Microsoft announced the closure of the classic and Chrome downloader, Internet Explorer. And their modern replacements like Similarly, “Microsoft’s Edge Browser” and “Window 10’s Settings app”. It has forced us to be a boon companion. This is the end of an era. Microsoft replacing the control panel update

Again, The control panel’s user interface has been admission year after year. With a greater focus on the MS Settings application.

In other words, the new update now redirects to application settings by clicking from the Control Panel Systems page, which is happening in the October 2020 update.

 New era arrived: –

Although there are new graphics And themes, the control panel has made all the choices. Including its functionality and introductions. The company’s move is simply to keep up-to-date on various system offers. They have been familiar with it for so long. But people who become manifest before this era of graphics and digitization they will be missing this

last but not least

Practically speaking, for ordinary users, there is no complete difference. Between the two UIs: you can both perform the same basic tasks.

Unfortunately, as Tech experts noted, even third-party applications that normally give a user direct access to the page in the control panel will no longer work for the purpose. For instance, MS is “blocking” wherever possible.

Over time, MS will likely make additional parts of the control panel and access to the average user.


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