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Mobile phone explosions digitaladvice digitaladvice.com

11/10/2020 by Dewan Nahin with 0 comments

Mobile phone explosions happen and its Remedy

Mobile phone explosions

In the age of information technology, nothing can be thought of except mobile. Using this mobile phone makes it much easier to communicate.

we are now in midst of technology, Through Internet browsing video and audio calls.

Just as there are advantages to using a mobile phone, there are also disadvantages like Mobile phone explosions.

Mobile Blast –

Mobile phone explosions digitaladvice.com.bd

There is nothing inside the mobile except the battery to blast/explode.

All the spare parts that are on the motherboard of the mobile do not explode.

Today’s expensive smartphones come with powerful lithium polymer batteries.

Non-remodeled lithium polymer batteries have a higher charge capacity than lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries look like polythene.

Just like a potter’s packet, but you’d be surprised to know that there are two layers between these batteries.

whenever sulfuric acid batteries were broken before. The copper and zinc sheets were scary.

It is designed in such a way, that accidents can happen if it is broken.

There is no battery without negatives and positives. We all know that when the negative and the positive come together, the fire is just like the battery of a mobile phone.

Mobile phone explosions digitaladvice digitaladvice.com.bd

Statistics of Mobile phone explosions

Samant Lal Sen Dhaka Medical College Hospital burn unit coordinator said. “In the last 6-7 months, 4-5 people injured in mobile phone blasts have come to us for treatment. One of them died. ”

“The blast mainly burned the face and the ears,” he said.

According to the burn unit, a case study of those injured in the blast showed that almost all of them were talking on mobile phone charges. And that is when the explosion occurred. In addition to their faces and ears. The trachea burns Everyone’s condition is serious. ” However, there are no exact figures yet.

Reasons why is that?

1)It is normal for the mobile phone to overheat but this explosion can occur due to overheating.

So use the mobile phone carefully. Show the overheated mobile phone to the nearest maker or mobile point.

2)Battery levels can rupture if the mobile falls and gets

injured in any way and this can lead to accidents.

Due to negative-positive short circuits. The eruption has caused tragic events in many parts of the world.

3)Such incidents can happen

even the phone get charging during extremely hot temperatures.

Because the battery and motherboard get hot when the mobile is charged.

4)Do not use the mobile phone when charged.

5)Turn off the mobile phone and charge it in a cool place.

6)Do not charge with charger number two. If the original charger is damaged, buy a charger of the same voltage and ampere.

Design and production problems

If there is a glitch in the battery design, this may be due to insufficient space between the two electrodes of the battery.

And the isolated screen. After charging, the electrodes of the battery may bend slightly, which can cause a short circuit and an explosion.

External effects of Mobile phone explosions

Even if the outside temperature is very high, a battery explosion can happen. Intermediate separators can also be damaged.

If the battery or phone is repeatedly lost

or an external injury to the battery.

Charger problem:

Lithium-ion batteries can also be damaged

due to a fault in the charger which can lead to an explosion. Lithium-ion batteries have special measures to prevent overcharging. However, if it fails for any reason, the battery gets hot and explodes due to the extra charge. For this, when the charging is done, the phone has to be removed from the charger. In addition, you should refrain from charging the phone with a low-quality charger other than the original charger.

However, despite a few explosions, lithium-ion batteries are very timely and modern technology batteries.there are also some problems in smartphones if you want to know about these problems then click Here.