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Prohori Vehicle Tracking Service

Product Details:

Prohori Vehicle Tracking Service (VTS)
✓VTS Device
✓Installation Service

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06/12/2019 11,999.00 Free Website



Features (Monthly 699TK Service Charge Applicable for These Features):
1. Real-Time Tracking
2. Engine Status Monitoring
3. Geo-Fencing Alert (You can fix an area for your car by our GPS tracking system. If your car cross that fixed area, you will get alert on your phone)
4. Engine Control.
5. Device Removal Alert
6. Battery Removal Alert
7. Trip Report
8. Travel History (1 Year Data)
9. Speed Violation Alert
10. Destination Alert
11. AC On & Off Notification
12. Loud Horn
13. Panic Button
14. Daily Summary SMS
15. Fuel Monitoring System[For Limited Models ONLY: Applicable for car model up to 2015]
16. Door Lock Notification
17. Extended Daily Report
18. 3 Years Warranty


Terms and Conditions:  
1. Call Center: The call center will be open to solve any problem in every day.
2Payment Terms: 
✓Device and Installation: In advance with Work Order.
✓Monthly Subscription Fee: In advance or within 07 (seven) days from the date of bill submission.

3. Warranty: 
✓VTS device will be under 03 (Three) year warranty support, including hardware, software, mandatory compliance, and necessary features except the battery. The Battery will get 06 (Six) months warranty coverage.

4. Standard Warranty will be void if:
✓If the warranty seal is broken
✓A defect is due to damage caused by incorrect usage, poor maintenance, mishandling of the device, willful or accidental damage.
✓If alteration or repairs are carried out by unauthorized persons/repair centers
✓The Defect is due to causes beyond the control like lightening, abnormal voltage, or damage while in transit.

5. Replacement Fee: Free under warranty clause. BDT 1,500/- will be applicable if the device is required to install in any other vehicle.

Support & Service:  
Our technical team members will dedicatedly be deployed to Othoba.com for ensuring support and service.

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