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AirTag Detector App

12/16/2021 by Tuhina Muna with 0 comments

AirTag Detector App Launched by Apple for Android

AirTag Detector App

To boost privacy, An AirTag Detector App has been launched by apple for android users.

One of the best benefits of Apple AirTags is the ability to locate them on both iOS and Android devices.The released new app for Android users will assist them detect any unusual airtags in their vicinity as well as locate their network-connected sensors.

The new app, named Tracker Detect, is available for download on the Google Play Store. That can be used on any Android phone which supports it. Users will see a ‘unknown-air tag’ indication after the app is set up and detects an air tag nearby.

Within 10 minutes of detection, users can play a phrase to identify the tracker. After being removed from its owner, an air tag may take up to 15 minutes to appear on the app.

Apple’s Airtags were still only visible on iPhones and iPads. As a result, an attacker can plant a tracker on an Android user without their knowledge and track them. This may be as simple as slipping an airtag into an exceptional Android user’s luggage or leaving it in their car.

Android users will be able to find out about undesired airtags around them and take action as a result of the app. After being tracked at home, airtags and other trackers were used to steal multiple premium cars, according to a recent investigation from Canada.When users locate an unknown tracker, they can use an iPhone or an NFC-enabled Android device to tap into it, and the app will provide more instructions on how to disable airtags.